Ed frequently publishes materials as support to his courses and trainings, as well as to share his thinking on relevant actual topics related to Operations, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability or a combination of those.

Below, you can find some examples of such texts.

Juggling the 3 P’s: dealing with sustainability in the Supply Chain

Sustainability as a topic is entering into the Supply Chain world with great force. So, what does that mean for the concepts and frameworks we have been using so far to describe and operate our Supply Chains. In this article, you’ll find an overview of a number of these concepts and thoughts about how well they still hold in the context of sustainability. Spoiler alert: most OPS & SCM concepts seem to hold fairly well, but we definitely have a lot of work to do and still some important gaps to fill, as well as to think about what the Sustainable Supply Chain would actually look like and what the new decision logic may need to be… for example solving the issue of the ‘3P-business case’. In the article, we call this “Juggling the 3 P’s”. You can find the article here:

2022 – Juggling the 3Ps – dealing with Sustainability in the Supply Chain.pdf

OPS & SCM in service environments – updated version 2023

In many foundational trainings about Operations and Supply Chain Management, the main emphasis is usually on organizations that supply, produce and distribute physical goods. Of course, also many organizations exist in which nothing physical is produced, but in which the products are digital, or can be classified as services. In this technical note, some of the basic concepts and frameworks for describing and operating OPS & SCM for physical goods, are placed in the context of service organizations and digital products. Many of these concepts and frameworks can be applied equally well to those environments as well, but there are some important differences to be taken into consideration. You can find the technical note here:

2023 revised version – OPS & SCM in service environments.pdf

OPS & SCM and the Business Model Canvas

Over the years since its appearance, the Business Model Canvas has become a useful addition to the standard strategic toolbox for businesses. In this technical note, you’ll find out in detail how the Business Model Canvas can be meaningfully applied to the specific context of Operations and Supply Chain Management. Fully respecting the original canvas, it also proposes some potential extensions to the framework, in order to specifically address relevant operational aspects. You can find the technical note here:

2020 – OPS & SCM and the Business Model Canvas.pdf

The Supply Chain Manager’s Daily Decathlon

Given the diversity of the challenges in their job, supply chain managers need to be versatile, multi-skilled people, chameleonic in a way. A bit like the decathlon athlete, they need to perform well on a lot of different disciplines, not necessarily the best at each, but good enough to have a good shot at becoming the overall number 1 in the tournament. Written as a series of blogposts, published at website Supply Chain Movement, you can find the combined posts here in one document:

2013 – Daily Decathlon.pdf

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