Ed Weenk


With an MSc. degree in business administration from Erasmus University / Rotterdam School of Management and a Doctorate in Engineering, EngD, degree in Supply Chain Management from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, Ed Weenk is an experienced lecturer, corporate advisor and workshop and training facilitator.

His professional passions are sustainable operations and supply chain, managers and management, projects and project management, training and teaching, and business simulations and experiential learning.

He has extensive practical experience since the mid-1990s in managing international logistics and distribution projects at strategic and operational level and is a strong believer in the principles of experiential learning.

Alongside his practice as an independent professional, he is delivery partner and authorized trainer in the Inchainge business simulations of the Netherlands and the Palatine Group in New York.

Ed collaborates as a Senior Associate Professor at business schools such as EADA Barcelona (Spain), Maastricht School of Management (the Netherlands), TIAS School for Business and Society (the Netherlands), Antwerp Management School (Belgium), WU Wien Executive Academy (Austria), Rotterdam School of Management (the Netherlands) and Centrum Graduate School of Business (Lima, Peru).

Throughout his journey as a lecturer he has been chosen five times as “Best Professor of the Year” by the students of the International MBA in EADA. His specialization is on the topics of sustainable operations and supply chain management, circular economy, project management, and intra- and entrepreneurship / business modelling.


Ed has previously written a management book, “The Perfect Pass: what the manager can learn from the football trainer”, published in English, Spanish and Dutch, about the importance of seeing the BIG PICTURE, having good internal and external ALIGNMENT and achieving COHERENCE at all levels.

In 2019 his second book was published, titled “Mastering the Supply Chain. Principles, practice and real-life applications“, now available in English, Dutch, Spanish and Japanese. This book combines relevant theory and frameworks with practical application through a business simulation.

The same is true for his latest book, “Mastering the Circular Economy. A practical approach to the circular business model transformation“, which was published in English in May 2021, and is now also available in Spanish.


So far, Ed has been actively involved in projects, workshops and/or company trainings in the following industry sectors:

Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), chemicals, pharma, high-tech & telecom, electronics & white-goods, automotive, steel, fashion, aerospace, industrial, apparel & sports, lighting, motorcycles, cork, services to the chemical industry, engineering, taps manufacturing.

Clients include companies like Nike, Samsung, DHL, Shell, Alcon, Wyeth, Mölnlycke Healthcare, Volkswagen Group, Volvo, Makro, JohnsonDiversey, Groenewout Consultants & Engineers, Buck Consulting, Involvation, LCP Consulting and others.

Ed has practical experience in consulting, teaching and/or training around the globe:

North America (USA, Mexico), Central and South America (Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Panama), EurAsia (Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Thailand), Middle East (Jordan, Egypt, Oman), and many European countries.