“Mastering the Supply Chain. Principles, practice and real-life applications”

This book wants to go beyond standard supply chain learning. Besides presenting a helicopter view of the most relevant supply chain concepts, frameworks and trends & developments, the book is the companion text for a simulation, The Fresh Connection, allowing students to experience value chain management in real time. The book allows for a different way of learning that puts students at the heart of a life-like situation so they can experience the impact of every decision they make, not just in their own ‘silo’ but across the business. In this way, they will learn that many concepts at play are relatively simple to understand, but not so easy to apply within the context of the overall picture and this experience will help them become much better prepared for the challenge.

Mastering the Supply Chain will integrate theory into practice and works alongside the simulation to create a cross-functional mindset in students, addressing the business, technical and leadership dimensions of supply chain management. The book gives a wide overview of relevant supply chain concepts, frameworks and templates, and then one by one sets out the challenges you need to overcome in order to find practical ways of implementing those concepts in a real company situation. You’re continuously asked to actively reflect on the choices you make, thus experiencing first-hand the many challenges that good and effective supply chain management has.

Mastering the Supply Chain. Principles, practice and real-life applications wants to offer a unique combination of relevant theory and direct practical application with the student in the driving seat of the experience. The cross functional business simulation motivates students to deliver optimal performance using supply chain best practices from theory and real life application.

Main goals for the reader

* Establish a holistic view of the many complexities that supply chain management presents

* Discover how to deliver optimal performance by integrating the business, technical and leadership dimensions of SCM

* Learn how to tear down silos and create the right cross-functional mindset

* Gain a better understanding of the true complexities of supply chain management through the challenges

Published by Kogan Page of London (UK).

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